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Kaleb & Sarah Puckett

We were married in November 2016, and before we even met each other God called us both into the mission field. Once we were married it was an easy decision to work towards the goal of becoming full time missionaries. Our hearts desires is to live full time on the mission field. Kaleb is attending George Fox University in Oregon, he is double majoring in Math and Christian Ministries (with a missions emphasis). Sarah is teaching 7th Grade at a Christian school in Newberg called Ambleside of the Willamette Valley. God has continued to open doors for us as we prepare for full time mission work, one of those doors is going to San Vicente, Mexico this summer.

This summer we will travel to Mexico, and we will be living and working with Pastor Jose and Marta. We have been on multiple trips down to San Vicente, Mexico and we are very excited about this opportunity. We both agree that Pastor Jose and Marta played a huge part in planting the seed of missions work in our hearts, and we are excited to have this opportunity of giving back to them. They have done so much for us, we have a desire to honor and give back to them.

We will officially be sent out by Canvas Church of Upland. If you would like to donate to the work that we will be doing in Mexico. You can hit the “DONATE” button below and follow the prompts. We are excited to be serving in San Vicente for over 2 months and are ready to be part of a ministry that reaches out with the saving message of Jesus to the people in Mexico.

Testimonials of those that went on the mission trip...watch and be blessed!